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            Counselling and Wellbeing Service

            The EUI Counselling Service offers you a professional, secure and friendly space where you can talk about whatever is worrying you, with total respect for your values, choices and lifestyle.

            The Service is open to researchers, fellows, partners and staff, and is free of charge. 

            Counselling sessions take place in the Badia, in the rooms BF175 and BF202. The offices are located behind the Theatre in the Badia on the first floor.

            How Counselling Works

            In general we offer short term counselling but there’s no fixed number of sessions. Each session lasts one hour. During counselling sessions, you can work with your counsellor on  

            • Clarifying and developing a better understanding of your concerns
            • Discovering new strengths within yourself
            • Discussing new perceptions of your difficulties
            • Helping in finding and making the best choices/changes/decisions for you

            The counselling services are confidential, and the counsellors are bound by confidentiality unless there is need for urgent health care intervention.

            Privacy Statement for Processing of Personal Data Counselling and Wellbeing Service (PDF)

            What kind of issues are most frequently raised during our counselling sessions?

            • Difficulties with regard to relationships  (partner/family/peers)
            • Anxiety and depression
            • Transition and adjustments

            People  also come and see us for a wide range of problems such as  sleeping disorders, eating disorders, substance addiction  and emotional abuse, sex-related issues, issues related to  physical health, death of a relative or friend, etc.

            Do not hesitate to contact us when you experience a problem which prevents you from achieving your goals and /or from enjoying your life.  

            Common personal challenges researchers deal with: 

            • Living away from family, partner or friends
            • Adjusting to a new environment
            • Building up a new social network (cultural diversity)
            • Dealing with doubts during the writing of thesis
            • Dealing with limited economic resources and the uncertainty of the future

            Common academic challenges researchers deal with: 

            • Managing time and finding a new balance between work and leisure
            • Keeping up a high level of motivation over the long run
            • Dealing with own expectations, those of the supervisor, and those of families


            General Contact

            An appointment can be made with any counsellor of your choice.

            To make an appointment please send an email to the [email protected] or email/call a member of the team directly.

            Counselling Service Hours

            Everyday by appointment. Counselling takes place in the Badia, in rooms BF202 and BF175 (located behind the Theatre in the Badia on the first floor).

            Cancellation: if you need to cancel an appointment please notify us at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.


            Please note that the Counselling Service does not issue certificates.


            Gemma Jane Fenton

            Gemma Jane Fenton


            [+39] 055 4685 625 (Int. 2625)

            [email protected]

            Badia Fiesolana, BF202

            English, Italian, French


            Elisabetta Miglietta

            Elisabetta Miglietta


            [+39] 055 4685 271 (Int. 2271)

            [email protected]

            Badia Fiesolana, BF175

            Italian, English




            Psychiatrists (External Consultants) 

            The 2 psychiatrists below may be contacted directly for an appointment. The first visit (for EUI Researchers) may be covered by the EUI.

            • Dr. Anna CHOUB

            [email protected]

            Studio Medico del Cinghiale, Piazza Mercato Nuovo 1 (4th floor)

            Tel. +39 339 568 7775, speaks English and Italian


            • Dr. Maurizio MICELI

            [email protected]

            EUI, Sala Medical Consulting Room - Sala Medica (Friday afternoon)

            Tel. +39 348 9118108

            Speaks Italian and English



            Page last updated on 09 September 2019

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