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            The Robert Schuman Centre offers academic and executive training programmes, both residential and online, in a variety of fields. Through its programmes, centres and projects, the Centre targets the training needs of a range of stakeholders: academics, diplomats, policy-makers, practitioners from the private sector and international organisations, national government officials, regulators, judges and journalists.


            The Cultural Pluralism Area of the Global Governance Programme runs?several?Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)?in partnership with?Future Learn, the Social Learning Platform.

            ?MOOC is an acronym that stands for ‘Massive Open Online Course’. It is a university course offered online and available for free to everyone who has access to the Internet.?

            Currently the courses offer an Online Programme on Exploring Culture and Heritage comprised of three different courses on: ‘Cultures and Identities in Europe’, ‘Cultural Heritage and the City’, and ‘Cultural Diversity and the City’. The courses on Migration include: ‘Why Do People Migrate? –?Part 1- Facts?and?Part 2 –? Theories’. Launched in 2018, two new courses on?Cultural Diplomacy?and one on ‘Migration and Cities’? are available for enrolment.

            The?Academy of Global Governance?offers a unique executive training model; a perfect combination of academic, research-based knowledge and evidence-based practice.

            The teaching staff includes leading academics from top universities and research centres, officials from national ministries, government agencies and international organisations, and practitioners from the business sector. The courses tackle different topics within the four major research areas of the Global Governance Programme:

            • Global Economics: Trade, Investment and Development
            • Europe in the World: International Relations, Security and World Politics
            • Cultural Pluralism
            • Evidence-based Policy-making (GlobalStat)

            The Academy also offers?‘tailor-made training’, which is designed to fulfil specific institutional training needs and either geared towards the professional advancement of junior, middle or senior management officials or towards offering participants refresher courses on a variety of global governance issues.

            The?CMPF Summer School offers journalists and media practitioners from all over the world the opportunity to expand their knowledge on the latest academic, policy, market and professional trends in journalism, as well as to share experiences and ideas.

            Taking place every year in June, the School provides a unique experience in which participants can?learn from distinguished scholars and journalists, and discuss interactively topics such as the legal perspectives of media freedom and pluralism, media business models, investigative journalism and the challenges of new media.

            Click here for details on past editions of the Summer School


            With a focus on competition law and economics, The Florence Competition Programme (FCP) is a hub where European and international competition enforcers and other stakeholders can exchange ideas, share best-practices,?debate emerging policy issues and enhance their networks. The project is directed by Professor?Pier Luigi Parcu who is supported by a?research?team?and a?scientific committee?of well-known experts.?

            By linking?training,?policy?debate?and?research activity?together with the presence and inputs of a varied community of scholars and practitioners, it creates a common cultural space where major scientific projects can be carried out.

            The training for national judges in competition law and economics,?ENTraNCE for Judges, co-funded by DG Competition of the European Commission and organised by the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies since 2011, is also among the key activities carried out by the FCP.

            The Florence School of Banking and Finance offers?executive training courses in the fields of statistical and econometric methods, risk management, financial stability and macroprudential policy, and banking regulation, supervision and resolution.

            Courses are designed for practitioners in the banking and finance sector and are offered in three formats:

            In addition to its training activities, the school also offers periodic online seminars.

            For over a decade, the Florence School of Regulation (FSR) has offered a wide range of training (from fundamental to executive courses) to staff from?European and national regulatory authorities, network companies, civil servants and policy makers at different levels of their professional careers. Today the FSR operates as a global platform, engaging in the development of research, training and policy dialogue in Europe and beyond.

            Based on?innovative teaching?models, the training courses of the school promote lively dialogue between leading academics and practitioners:

            Online, Residential and Tailor-made courses in all levels of knowledge

            The FSR is supported by an International Faculty of leading academics and practitioners, and it benefits from the contribution and advice of high-level experts in the main regulatory sectors.?

            -The Migration Policy Centre (MPC) provides advanced training for?researchers, policy officials, civil society organisations and others dealing with migration issues.?

            The MPC organises executive trainings related to relevant, contemporary questions and developments in the field of international migration. These seminars are designed for professionals working in fields related to migration, who want to acquire sophisticated yet practical insights into specific migration related phenomena, and skills based on latest research insights.

            The Migration Summer School was established in 2005. Every year, it offers a two-week programme of advanced and specialised training in migration studies from a multidisciplinary perspective, targeting practitioners and academic researchers. Teaching staff includes members of the MPC as well as other invited academics, officials of EU institutions and international organisations as well as experts from NGOs and the private sector.

            The MPC coordinates the provision of training with the EUI’s School of Transnational Governance, and collaborates with different departments and centres at the EUI as well as other academic institutions and research organisations.





            Training testimonial FSR Eman Mashhoor

            “Through the Florence School of Regulation course, we had a very interesting market simulation game that gave me a real idea of how markets operate, and working with team members from other countries helped me gain a broader perspective on the topic.” 

              Eman Mashhoor from Egypt

            (Accountant Manager | Egyptian Electric Utility & Consumer)

            June 2016


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