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          2. News

            Five ERC grants awarded at the EUI

            On Tuesday 31 March 2020, the ERC announced the 185 winners of its annual advanced grants competition. EUI scholars Youssef Cassis, Laura Lee Downs, Anton Hemerijck, Liesbet Hooghe and Glenda Sluga were among the researchers who were awarded five-year grants.?The EUI achieved a 100% success rate in the latest ERC call, with all five submitted research proposals being funded.

            EUI activities go digital

            The EUI has implemented a range of technological solutions to keep the Institute running, while adhering to measures to contain COVID-19. Academic departments and administrative services have moved several activities online, including meetings and conferences, thesis supervision, teaching seminars, and, importantly, the selection process for the next cohort of EUI researchers.

            COVID-19: Important information for the EUI community and visitors

            The EUI has suspended on-site academic activities until 3 May 2020 following measures by the Italian authorities to counter the spread of COVID-19 in Italy. However, most academic and administrative activities continue via digital technologies. Read more about the latest information and guidelines for the EUI community and visitors.

            EUI signs petition for Patrick Zaky

            As a member organisation of the Scholars at Risk network, the EUI has joined with eleven other universities and research institutes in Italy to sign a petition in support of Patrick George Zaki, the Egyptian student enrolled at the University of Bologna who is currently detained in Egypt. With the letter, the subscribing universities and institutes express their solidarity to Patrick George Zaki and his family, and urge Egyptian authorities to release him unconditionally.

            Glenda Sluga appointed Joint Professor of International History and Capitalism

            Professor Sluga joined the EUI's faculty in January of this year. She will split her time between the Department of History and Civilization and the Robert Schuman Centre. Her work focuses on the intersecting challenges of economics, the environment, and Europe, bridging the gap between social scientists and historians. Read more.



            The Media, European integration and the rise of euro-journalism, 1950s–1970s

            by Martin Herzer

            This volume, the published version of Herzer's doctoral thesis in History,?explains how the media helped to invent the European Union as the supranational polity that we know today. Telling the story of the rise of pro-Euro journalists? within the post-war western European media, it argues that these actors pioneered a journalism that symbolically magnified the technocratic European Community as the embodiment of Europe.

            Social mobilization beyond ethnicity: civic activism and grassroots movements in Bosnia and Herzegovina

            by Chiara Milan

            This book, the published version of a Ph.D. thesis in SPS, uses Bosnia Herzegovina as a case study to explore episodes of mobilization which have superseded ethno-nationalist cleavages. The book investigates movements’ formation, their organizational structures and networking strategies and advances research on divided societies and social movements.

            The construction of fatherhood: the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights

            by Alice Margaria

            This volume, the published version of the author's 2015 EUI doctoral thesis in Law, examines how the European Court of Human Rights has responded to shifting practices and ideas of fatherhood.?The book highlights the expressive powers of the Court, especially its role in producing and legitimising ideas about parenting and influencing the regulation of family life.

            Behind-the-border policies: assessing and addressing non-tariff measures

            edited by Joseph Francois and Bernard Hoekman?
            This volume provides a contemporary overview of key issues related to non-tariff trade policy measures (NTMs) and domestic regulation. The contributors comprise a mix of leading trade policy experts - both academics and practitioners - and researchers who have specialized in the analysis of NTMs.

            The right to dress: sumptuary laws in a global perspective, c.1200–1800

            edited by Giorgio Riello and Ulinka Rublack

            This volume, the first global history on the regulation of dress, brings together leading scholars on?Asian, Latin American, Ottoman and European history.?Their findings reveal the significance of sumptuary laws in medieval and early modern societies as a site of contestation between individuals and states and how dress as an expression of identity developed as a modern 'human right'.


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